top tv shows.

ok here are the rules, post your top 10 favorite tv shows based on category like so : ( multiple for each category is allowed)

  1. sitcom: big bang theory
    2: cartoon: dragon ball z and avatar the last airbender EDIT: and my little pony frienship is magic
    3: drama: 24 and criminal minds
    4: educational: mythbusters
    5 sci fi: andromeda strain
    6: food/ cooking show: masterchef
    7: sports: baseball games
    8 soap opera: i dont watch them
    9: reality: americas got talent
    10: game show: family feud

whats your favorite shows?

In my opinion:
Sitcom: Parks and Recreation
Food/Cooking: Iron Chef America, Next Iron Chef, Food Network Star, Diners, Driveins, and Dives, and 5 Ingredient Fix.
Game Show: Jeopardy!, Figure it Out

Sports: Baseball, basketball, and football games as well as tennis matches. (Wimbledon 2012)
Sitcom: George Lopez, everybody hates chris, friends, and my favorite: That 70’s show.
Sci-fi: don’t have one
Game show: Figure it out
Cooking: Master chef

My 9 and 8 and 4 are the same as yours also.

Sitcom: Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Office.
Drama: Lost, 24, Monk.
Game Shows- America’s Got Talent

americas got talent isnt a game show

  1. sitcom: big bang theory
    2: cartoon: avatar the last airbender
    3: drama: burn notice
    4: educational: how its made
    5 sci fi: star trek voyager / stargate Atlantis
    6: food/ cooking show: hells kitchen
    7: sports: football
    8 soap opera: eww!
    9: reality: americas got talent
    10: game show: family feud

#1-10: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Haters gonna Hate.

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The Big Bang Theory, Men at Work, House MD, The Office, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens

  1. sitcom: big bang theory
    2: cartoon: Freakazoid, Megas XLR, Invader Zim, The Maxx
    3: drama: burn notice, Dexter
    4: educational: Anything about World War One and two, Dark Ages, or History in general
    5 sci fi: Eureka,
    6: food/ cooking show: hells kitchen
    7: sports: Wrestling
    8 soap opera: (sound of silence)
    9: reality: americas got talent, the voice
    10: game show: I don’t know

Firefly, American Pickers, Person of Interest

Sitcom: 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory
Cartoon: South Park, Family Guy
Sports: Sportscenter, Hockey games

Cartoon: Avatar: the last airbender, Tron: Uprising
Sitcom: The Office
Game show: Wipeout (if it counts)

Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb, and Avatar the Last Airbender and Avatar, the Legend of Korra.

Reality: America’s got talent.

Game show: Figure it out.

Sitcom: how i met you mother
Cartoon: Phineas and ferb ( go ahead and laugh)
Sci Fi: Doctor Who
sports: football baseball and basketball
not sure what category the British top gear goes under

But phineas and ferb is awesome!

umm… I rarely watch TV these days.

  1. sitcom: Community
    2: cartoon: Robot Chicken (not cartoon, but animated)
    3: drama: Burn Notice
    4: educational: No Reservations w/ Anthony Bourdain
    5 sci fi: Dr. Who
    6: food/ cooking show: Top Chef (where the real cooks are)
    7: sports: Cubs baseball

9: reality: Survivor
10: game show: Ninja Warrior


Just saying…