another lighten up the mood thread. what sitcoms do you watch? favorite moments?

i looovve big bang theory! also enjoy:

new adventures of old christine
will and grace
2 and a half men
raising hope

I love Big Bang Theory but it seems to have lost the plot of late. I’m also a huge fan of Frasier and Just Shoot Me. Yes, I’m old =P


Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows ever in my opinion. Going back to when I was pretty young All in the Family was a fave as well.

Better Off Ted as well. Which references arrested development sometimes.
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Oh, how did I forget about Arrested Development! Does anybody know if the new series is up on netflix yet?


How I met your mother
Big Bang Theory

that’s about it. All of the rest aren’t that funny…

And even those are kind of on the edge of just being stupid.
I don’t find many sitcoms funny at all. Most are just insults to American attention spans.

Now, if we wanna talk about Jiggle Television, Two Broke Girls is amaaaaaazing.

gotta toss in my vote for “Seinfeld”. Funniest sit-com ever.

That show is hilarious from what I watched with my brother. :stuck_out_tongue:

The norm show is one that gets no attention but was pretty brilliant.
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