does anybody here watch the big bang theory?

Hey guys, I have a favorite show. Its like the only show I watch (apart from family guy, of course ;)) and its the big bang theory. Just in case your thinking this, its not about how the universe was made :). Its a very funny show on tbs. It may be a little bit inappropriate for some members here, but you guys should totally check it out! Haha

It’s a good show, and pretty family-friendly! It’s not raw like Family Guy and South Park tend to be. :wink: (meaning, I LIKE the latter two; I don’t think TBBT is really an ‘off limits’ kind of show for most viewers)

I can’t say it’s my all-time favourite, but I have no problem watching it. The first time I saw the ball pit “bazingas” I cried laughing.

It’s a little too much like being at work for me :frowning:

I liked it a lot better when it was still focused on geek humour before they started turning up the rom-com factor. That said, I still get a kick out of Sheldon’s total social ineptitude.

It had the potential to be a cool geek-culture sitcom. Chuck Lorre just happened to run the concept into this pathetic overused “girl-next-door” thing. The only thing that saves this show from being horrible is Jim Parsons amazing performance as Sheldon. I mean the show is written by the same guy who did Two and a half men, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

It’s my favorite show. I have all the seasons on deck.

I watch it

I am a fan. Although i prefer hour long dramas but I do watch BBT on a weekly basis!!! And yea Sheldon is a hoot!!

Exactly why it can’t quite “get there” for me. :wink: Some of the humour is lazy. Two and a half men is the worst show to ever hit television!

You really need a sign. Many of the jokes are NOT family friendly.

Really? It’s entirely possible that I’m so jaded that some of the “not family-friendly” jokes don’t even register on my offense-o-meter. It seems like pretty clean fun like other Chuck Lorre productions.

They make a lot of sexual references and say some “bad” words. I guess for some younger folks, some of it may not be appropriate.