Have you gotten a yoyo from me?

Just curious as to how far my influence has reached.




More like thermite-flu.

Sorry, I’m still on my Breaking Bad high.

My first reaction was common cold :-X

goes and throws protostar out window

I would imagine I’ve had a throw that’s been in your hands.
Just finish breaking bad yesterday. What an ending!

Yep :slight_smile: Happy times.

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Haha, I thought this was a serious thread :smiley:

But how’s breaking bad? I mean honestly here. Think I should watch it? Or is it how I imagine it’ll turn out to be… Extremely raunchy. Because if its the later, it’s a no go.

Breaking bad is easily the best tv show I’ve watched so WATCH IT!!!

Haha it’s semi-serious. I’d actually like to know.

It’s a great show. All the actors (with the possible exception of Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte) are great. It’s not raunchy, but can be incredibly gruesome. There’s lots of bloody violence and frequent drug use, but you never see a single boob (except Badger harharhar).

Bryan Cranston is amazing in everything.

Not allowed to watch it :-\ I suppose it’s for a reason but my mom doesn’t actually realize I’m 13 and not 6…



Well it’s rated TV-14 so it’s illegal for you to watch it anyways.

But hey the US government is shut down so I guess you can. Just be quick about it!

It’s in a class by its own. You will cheer for an anti-hero protagonist. You will find yourself being able to relate to a monster. You will admire the heinous genius of a criminal mastermind.

He is smarter than you. He is luckier than you. And he must be protected by the prince of darkness himself.

Thanks to this thread I have to rewatch Batman: Year One again on Netflix now.

Breaking Bad is the best tv show I’ve ever seen, it’s not raunchy at all.

And no I haven’t gotten a yoyo from you because I decided to nickel and dime you for $10 on the Canvas that someone else was smart enough to just buy immediately lol. If I hadn’t spent over $2000 on clothes in the past 2 days I probably would’ve bought that FG Chief that nobody else has bought for some weird reason.

isn’t the rating solely based on parental consent? Tv-14 would be designed to make parents seriously consider letting your child under 14 watch it. You can take kids in an r-rated movie, as long as the parents buy the tickets, so I doubt it’s illegal if its under parental supervision/consent

I’m actually glad to hear your parents care about what you watch and don’t watch. It shows they care and have a moral concept. And you may feel its “not fair”, but take into account your are under the age of what is suggested by the NRA (it’s the NRA right?) and your parents care about what’s consuming your thoughts

I doubt I’ll be watching it. I’m sure it’s a great piece of theatrical art, but some of what makes it great is exactly what I’m trying to separate myself from, physically and mentally. I’m not looking to be mesmerized and desensitized by extremely gory violence, and drug use.

No offense anyone! Nothing but personnel preference here! And thanks for the info :slight_smile: saved me from looking up reviews and stuff

Carry on ;D

Never gotten anything from you.

That may or may not change. I’m not doing a whole lot of BST searches these days. I’m focused mainly on new items and the new audio gear I recently acquired.

I got yoyos from you!

Heck no… BUT you have gotten one from me!!!

You should probably send me free yoyos to “extend your influence”.