Archiving this horrible thing that happened to me in a section no one will find it

my mother claimed i was “addicted to yoyoing” and she then confiscated all of my throws.

dont expect much of me for the next month. i have to go a whole 4 weeks without throwing, however im waiting for 3 things in the mail i may be able to sneak into my room, just for at night.

Only time i can post is at school. Or late saturday/friday nights.

see you in a month

as I parent, I can honestly say, I disagree with such parenting

violence (in any form) never gets you anywhere

you should respect your parents, but respect has to be deserved and I don’t see how a parent acting like that will earn the kid’s respect.

I support my kid in everything he does, take the time to explain to him what he does wrong when he does something wrong, and why.

he’s awesome at school, excellent in sport, listen to what me and my wife say, respects us.

and I keep telling him, if he’s cool with us, we’re cool with him, sometimes he tries to BS us and then we talk to him, explain, we’re firm if needed but usually it’s unnecessary.

I hate it when I see parents yelling, hitting, punishing, the kids will only get worse, it’s a vicious circle.

if the parents want to be respected, they have to be respectable and fair. Kids have to be taught EVERYTHING and that’s the parents job, if the kid doesn’t understand something it’s not his fault, but the parents for not teaching him properly.

I grew up with parents who never supported anything I’ve wanted to do, at some point they lost their hold on me and I just went away to live my life. and I’m pretty happy this way.

suck it up, grow up, be good, respect your parents no matter what because they feed you and love you even if they don’t seem to, and once you’re old enough, just move on.

be confident in yourself, as it’ll help you overcome this.

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That really sucks. :frowning:
If I were you I would give the argument that it’s healthier than being addicted to drugs or even video games. My parents are much happier now that I throw for more time than I spend playing video games. In fact, throwing helped me kick my addiction to a game that I thought I would never stop playing. Tell her that you can start throwing outside in the sun so you’ll get some fresh air or something like that, that’s what convinced my parents to buy me a new throw when I graduate.

Same here, I play video games since I’m 7 (32 now)

the longest time I ever stopped playing was 1 month straight after I first picked a yoyo

there is no violence, and they always support me, but whenever i get into something new, there is oftentime an argument

when I say “violence” I mean “forcing you to do or not to do something against your will”

I’m not saying you have bad parents, I have nothing to back it up if I would.

just that we all make poor decisions and making a poor one over one of these is not going to help

maybe you were playing too much and your grades went down, but taking the toy away from you is not the solution, this is the “easy way”. As the kid, you are not supposed to know anything your parents don’t teach you, and if they didn’t teach you not to measure your play time, they should rather get to it than punishing you for it.

if my kid does something wrong, I take it on me, because I didn’t teach him beforehand, it does happen

and in that case there are always two options (or more), either blame the kid or blame myself. It’s not the kid’s fault if he didn’t know something I was supposed to teach him.

We all make mistakes, we all do, the important part is not to avoid making mistakes, rather to learn from them and then not make them twice.

You make mistakes, but your parents also, everyone does and here, I think it’s a mistake from their part, maybe started by a mistake from yours, but they’re the responsible ones here.

Sometimes I make mistakes as a parent too, and if I do, I apologize rather than blame the kid, yes I sometimes do apologize to my kid, and this is why I believe he respects me.

Violence doesn’t have to mean a punch in the face, a punishment is a violent answer. You don’t teach anything to anyone with violence, violence don’t solve problems they only make them worse.

Be true to yourself, if you realize maybe you’ve put yoyoing before school, acknowledge it and apologize, if you think you didn’t, maybe you got bad grades for other reasons, i don’t know what’s happening over there, just making assumptions, but it’s important to be true and honest to yourself first, and if you feel they were right to think that yoyoing was getting in the way of your school results, acknowledge it, learn from your mistakes.

you can’t expect your parents or anyone else to behave in some way or another, people are just people and our parents are no different. The thing you can do is about your own self, and this is being true and honest towards your own self, you know, inside, if you did anything wrong or not.

And sometimes also, know that life ain’t fair, and truly, we’re not that bad. there are kids your age who spend their youth shooting at people or starving to death, others who get raped by their father and the list goes on, at least you know that your parents love you enough to care, even if they can be wrong at times and take the wrong decisions, have poor judgment etc… they do care enough.

there are some things you can only understand once you’re a parent, so give em the benefit of the doubt, but again, be true to yourself and if you think they’re wrong, discuss it with them and explain to them why (in a calm manner, build your argumentation beforehand, sometimes it helps to write).

but all in all, I think that what they did was wrong, maybe for the right reasons, but again, violence doesn’t solve anything, ever.

my parents know im addicted to throwing but they don’t mind because i don’t let yoyoing interfere with my sports and the rest of my life. AND my dad thinks the tricks i do are the coolest thing he’s ever seen haha, especially the confederate flag (or jamacan flag) even tho its like the easiest trick ever.

wow hadoq. your right. my grades have never been stellar, but the problem is, ive been failing math test after math test BEFORE i started yoyoing, even though my homework is perfect, and im gonna end up re-taking alg over summer. ill just be calm, and not yoyo quite as much when i get them back i guess.

my dad doesnt understand having more then one yoyo.

that didnt work

unrelated: post 600

I see it as an anti drug. My kids yoyo all the time. I seem to think it keeps them out of trouble too. It’s great for hand eye coordination as well. It’s something that can help you in the future even if you stop yoyoing.

I can see how your parents think your wasting too much time yoyoing and not focusing on other stuff.

My advice, play along with their rules. Do your homework and acknowledge the fact that you respect your decision.

The way i dealt with my parents when they did stuff like that was to stay on their good side and do everything they asked of me. After a while they would soften up and releive me of the punishment.

Id be grounded for a month, but if i showed them i could do things with out them reminding me to do it all the time, they would usually be like, well, ill give you some incentive if you keep it up.

After that, you have to keep focus and try to balance things out better.

Just my 2 cents.

Be glad you arent one of my friends Slave, he came home one day to find his whole yoyo collection gone, his parents told him they threw them all away cause he needed to “grow up” and stop playing kids toys. He was 14.
He went looking for them in the trash but apparently they knew he would do that so they took the case of yoyos to some random public trash can where he couldnt find them.
In that case were some nice stuff like a peak, some 888s, milk, bvm, gone just like that.
He was told to not go to yoyo events anymore, and not be on yoyo forums anymore. I have not heard from him in 2 years.

Just sayin, its sad, but be thankful.

I swear that story just fills me with rage every time I hear (read?) it. Not even necessarily because of the yoyos that were thrown away, but because it just baffles me how some people can be so disrespectful to other peoples’ belongings, let alone their own kid’s.

its unfortunate… thats life tho, at least you can have your yoyos back after four weeks… what dosnt make sense to me is the fact that they cant just be proud of your hobby, and the sheer amount of effort it takes to be good at. i agree with panda. its good that you spend more of your time being skillful with a yoyo than being lazy with video games or addicted/ in trouble/ delinquent with drugs/ crime…

your ability to dedicate the time it takes to be a good yoyoer will prove advantageous in other things you do, as long as yoyoing dosnt interfere with things that are more important…

maybe spend less time throwing in front of them… even if you think they might be watching

My mom and dad don’t either.

jayyo, you are wise. dang thats sad.

i normally throw in my room, and i dont let yoyoing affect other stuff

didnt think of it that way


man I wish your friend will be strong enough for long enough to cope with his “parents”
Playing is very important in one’s happiness (in general), no matter the age, it has been proven more than once, people who play have happier lives and can cope better with adversity than people who just go for “productive” and “serious” or “adult” stuff.

I hate it when I see parents who don’t understand so because they don’t understand it, they think it’s somehow bad.

this is why the world goes the way it goes, people don’t try to understand, they let themselves driven by fear and ignorance, more and more adults are “playing adults” while truly behaving like kids. The sad part is that they actually think they’re in the right, believe whatever they get told by the TV, never look further for information, NEVER LEARN anything more, because they “know” so they think they don’t have to “learn”, “learning is for kids, and adults just know”

there are only 2 kind of people who “know”, geniuses and idiots. Once you stop learning, you give up living a meaningful life and become just one statistic, pay for the house, buy stuff, believe whatever TV tells you to, and then you destroy your kid’s chances by teaching them how “playing is not for adults”, or how “you can’t do this, stop dreaming” and all this kind of BS.

the way we’re living is not the right way, it’s urgent and important that we stop following the path we’re currently following, and this starts with parents, kids are our future, let’s not teach them to make the same mistakes as we did.

My mom is exactly like that and as I grew up, she just stopped acting nice to me (she never really was, my step dad being the closest thing I ever had to a real parent, complicated story, not the topic here)

I hope the kids don’t give up if they have parents like that, the only solution is to believe in yourself, find support elsewhere, never give up your dreams. Childhood should be sacred and parents who crush their kids dreams to turn them into consuming zombies should be thrown in jail.

Learn, dream, and believe in yourself, every single day til the last one. Life is precious, we should use it to make meaningful things rather than just work to buy and buy to work.

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If you wrote a book, I would buy it. Then I would ride a boulder (thats how the pioneers did it) to where ever you live, have you sign it with gold ink. Then frame it on my bedroom wall.

In all seriousness, as an adult having this mind set will take you far in parenting. Honestly the reason why suicide rates are high among teen is because of the adults making the kids lives miserable. I bet if every parent in the world read this, acknowledged it, and applyed it, life wouldn’t suck as much as it does.

I used to be addicted to video games. I now play hardly any at all. As long as its not drugs, video games, then they are fine with it.

FINALLY!!! GOT MY j0j0S BACK!!! w00T!!!