Any Dr. Who fans out there???

What do you think of Matt Smith’s regeneration? Also, what are your thoughts on the new doctor?

I am, but you might want to post “Spoiler alert” in the title, because me (and probably some other people) aren’t caught up yet.

There’s another thread for this already

Well, yeah, but, I don’t want to necro after the last time. :o

Allons-y Allonzo!


I’m sure the 12th doctor will be. hehe “Fantasic”!

But in all seriousness, I wanna see what his Catchphrase is!
It took a while for Matt Smith to have a catchphrase, so I’m hoping this turns out well!

Capaldi looks like he could be Tennant’s father. So I expect GREAT things :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t he be, like, the 13th?

Technically, yes he would be.
But he War doctor isn’t portrayed as the 9th, as he wasn’t considered a doctor
Otherwise Eccleston would be the 10th, Tennant would be the 11th and Smith would be the 12th.
But they have already been label respectively as 9,10,11
So therefore, Capaldi is considered the 12th
But is technically the 13th.

I love how complex this show became <3