Who's The BOSS now - NEW ARRIVAL

It’s HERE:



We were all exited and had a countdown in chat

At 12:18EST, still none sold. Sorry Andrè.

Just like the new breed. Since June 12, there are still 25 orange left. They started with 50+.

I wish I wouldn’t have bought a yoyo recently, before I knew the about the release of this yoyo. I would have bought one, but alas, I’m fresh out of money.

Hands on experience… This is a GREAT yoyo.

Will it be your next review?

Next day, and only ONE sold ??? :o

I wonder why. (No sarcasm, I’m dead serious. I wonder why only one has been sold.)

Pocket Change, Counter Attack, Die Nasty, Genesis, C13, Adjust-O-Matic, etc. is why…