General Yo ships here at yoyoexpert!

I just saw on Twitter that General Yo shipped Yoyo’s to this site. Wow get ready for all you who want one its gonna be awesome, no official date yet.


Get them!

Where? How? Huh?

He means when they are released lol. He just wants us to buy them cause he’s one of their minions now. :wink: haha. Just playing Samad.

Jeez, the pressure is killin’ me. I think an addiction to crack would be easier to deal with than a craving for a popular yoyo… I need to go play with my no-jive and take some downers :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks around slyly.

Evil laugh.

…Knew it

Hahahah lol You guys are hilarious! :smiley:

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I didnt think the were at YYE although I know a couple sites had gotten them. But they are all ready gone!

All of them? I know that onedrop just ran out of their special edition usa hatricks.

Yah that one I know a few other sites that will have them, I wont advertise them, And Samad what do you mean by they were here?

Oh yah derr lol they are awesome!