Hey guys ahem 'SAMAD'

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When is the hatrick yoyo coming out whoever can awser it first gits a…Big…FAT!!!..THANK YOU!!!
Lol :wink:


It already was up for sale at theyostore.com, where it sold out in a few days. It’s also for sale at a few international retailers right now. I’d expect it to hit YYN and Onedrop within the next week, but neither have set drop dates. Just keep your eye out :wink:

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Ya I saw on generalyo.com that they where being shipped but I didn’t think to go to theyostore.com, Lol.



And One Drop did a raffle to see who would have a chance to purchase their first three.

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In the future, it would be super helpful if you could have the subject of your topics summarize the actual topic! Makes the forum much easier to navigate.


Plus, I’m not a reliable source for General-Yo news. I don’t really have any connection with them, besides the fact that I live in the same city as Ernie :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok,sure. :slight_smile:


It drops tonight at YY* - but only 11 of them


How much are they?


They released a while ago, 99.99

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Hits YYN at 6:00 Eastern Standard Time…http://twitter.com/yoyonation/status/5024359600


Thanks Paola :slight_smile:


Yes. I don’t know if you guys realize how helpful that is.