Hey guys ahem 'SAMAD'

When is the hatrick yoyo coming out whoever can awser it first gits a…Big…FAT!!!..THANK YOU!!!
Lol :wink:

It already was up for sale at theyostore.com, where it sold out in a few days. It’s also for sale at a few international retailers right now. I’d expect it to hit YYN and Onedrop within the next week, but neither have set drop dates. Just keep your eye out :wink:

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Ya I saw on generalyo.com that they where being shipped but I didn’t think to go to theyostore.com, Lol.


And One Drop did a raffle to see who would have a chance to purchase their first three.


In the future, it would be super helpful if you could have the subject of your topics summarize the actual topic! Makes the forum much easier to navigate.

Plus, I’m not a reliable source for General-Yo news. I don’t really have any connection with them, besides the fact that I live in the same city as Ernie :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok,sure. :slight_smile:

It drops tonight at YY* - but only 11 of them

How much are they?

They released a while ago, 99.99

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Hits YYN at 6:00 Eastern Standard Time…http://twitter.com/yoyonation/status/5024359600

Thanks Paola :slight_smile:

Yes. I don’t know if you guys realize how helpful that is.