guess how much

guesss how much above

I’m guessing $100. that seems to be where One Drop likes to max out. I’m also holding $100 in cash for this purchase and am going to try to ensure I secure one.

I’m also very intersted in WHEN it will be released.

I got to play with one of the protoypes, a friend of mine is an official tester, and i must say i really liked it.

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They are being dropped tomorrow at PNWR. Standard colors should be 100. It’s awesome and most of the one drop team will be competing with it.

when will it be on yoyo expert?

Probably in about 2-3 weeks I am guessing but maybe a month. I am guessing 100-105 but saving 250$ For two of them(hopefullly!!!)

they will most likely be the same price that the code 1 was.