SOLD: One Drop Collection: Summit, 54, Yelets, Hard Case

Update: everything has been sold!

PM me for individual item sales. General pricing is $75 each (shipped) for Yelets or 54, $100 each (shipped) for the Summit except the Hulk Smash Fade or Mint Berry Crunch.

For sale is a yoyo collection. All are One Drop yoyos in mint (like-new) condition with no damage, dings, scratches, etc. Included is a nice hard shell case holds at least eighteen yoyos comfortably and is in very good condition. Also included is a stack of unopened 2013 players cards from YoyoExpert (except that one pack was opened) and a small stack of unopened 2014 cards. The individual yoyo boxes are also included. Price for everything shipped and insured within the USA is $945. (Item #11 shown is no longer for sale.) The yoyos numbered are as follows:
1 - Summit Hulk Smash Fade
2 - Summit Mint Berry Crunch
3 - Summit Deep Space
4 - Summit Pollock
5 - Summit Burning Ember
6 - Summit Clearly Red
7 - 54 Yoyo Expert Edition
8 - 54 Silver Black with Blue Splash
9 - Yelets Dragon Slayer

Bump 10-27-14
PM me for interest in individual items.

Bump 11-01-14 (listing updated with new photos)