Whats up with the avalanche?

I’ve been checking yoyoexpert every day for weeks now to see a promotion for the avalanche on the home page and today was finally the day. I got out my wallet and my credit card and was picking the purple with blue speckle and the quantity was 0 :’( not a huge problem…I’ll just get the blue one…

How are they both sold out before 10 o’clock on the day they came out? Did yoyoexpert only get like 1 of each? I’ve been waiting to get a CLYW for so long and they’re always sold out and I thought this was my chance.


Same thing happened with the SPYY Addiction. Andre probably just put a few in stock first cause he knew that they were going to sell extra fast. So hes probably gonna restock the rest in a few hours, or a day or 2. :wink:

uggh…so i have to sit here refreshing the page for who knows how long?


Please refrain from giving direct links to other stores via the message board. Instead a Private Message on the forum is a more appropriate way to direct people that specifically ask. Thanks for understanding.

We only had a total of 9 that was sent to us…  Caribou Lodge apologized about this but we couldn’t really make a huge announcement about them with only 9 coming in…

Instead what everyone should be very excited about is the Matterhorn and Chuck edition are launching within the next two weeks:

lol I feel your pain noogit. Boy do I feel your pain.

Side note: I checked before 9. They were sold out then too. And it was only by chance that i even noticed it because I usually go straight to the forum when I sign on at work.

ATT YYE and other users on thread, i apologize for the post before, i was not aware of this. I just want to let yall know, in no way shape or form am i trying to take business from YYE or promote other stores or website, i am not affiliated with either, i was just trying to help out another yoyo’er in need. Once again im sorry.

PS. IM stoked for the Chuck Edition!!!

The last time I checked, there was maligne Canyon (blue), and 4 Jasper Geode (purple ones)… they were there about 18hrs =P

I wish there would have been some more advance notice on this one because that Jasper Geode colorway is HOT! But of course that’s what I get for slacking on my regular yo-yo site routine for a night lol. It’s alright though. I’ll be prepared for the next shipment. Congrats to whoever snagged one this time around :slight_smile:

They actually had them before it was advertised. There were only 2 left of each, and that’s before it was advertised.

I checked last night and I think I remember seeing at least 5 of the purple ones in stock. I didn’t buy one because the link to the Avalanches that Andre posted on Twitter had such a (pardon my French) sexier colorway. So I am hoping that those will show up and it wasn’t just miscommunication.
Here’s the link that was posted on Twitter. http://www.cariboublog.com/?p=4113

The yoyo I’m still hoping for the most is the Pyro 3. I can’t seem to find much info on it anywhere. But I got an e-mail response from YYE saying they were going to stock them, just no date.