Hey One-Drop and CLYW!!! Summit Restock??

Hey One-Drop and CLYW!
I do not think I have ever seen a yoyo sell out as quickly as the summit has. Its been on the market for approximately four days and its already sold out. Its kinda ironic that it sold out in the same amount of days that it took to make it. Anyway, I was unfortunately unable to get a hold of one. I have to wait for my birthday in May. Are you guys planning on doing a restock or a round 2 of the summit? I think it would be a great idea. mostly because everyone seems to love this yoyo so a restock will sell out just as fast. Plus I really want one! preferably in black or pink.
Thanks guys and please take my consideration into account.
I really want a summit and i bet there are plenty of other throwers who want one too.

Yeah… It’s insane how fast they sold out.

I scored an Ash Berry Color colorway but I’m sure it will get another run soon.

The only thing is that usually the first run colors don’t come back…

I’m guessing that even now they are working on some more Summits and are going to debut some new colors too!

I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed…

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They said they plan on many runs of the Summit so don’t worry! That’s why I didn’t buy one because it should be able to get one in the future whether it’s off the bst or from YYE

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When did they say they plan on making more runs of the Summit? and will there be pink or black?

right!? I gotta get me a pink one!

I don’t know for sure but i think all the next runs will be only splash and blizzard colorways…

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One Drop posted that there will be many runs… As for solid colors I am sure more will be made. They plan on making all kinds of Special Edition colorways as well…

YYE can order special colors and colorways. So if say the pink sold out the fastest then Andre` will know that ppl are very keen on the pink so he can order more pink… or blue, green etc… and so on…

And… There are still some in stock… Yellow, Mint Green and a new color just poped up!!! Raspberry Red!!! Almost pink… Looks great!!

David just mentioned a guesstimate on his Manufacturers Thread that said 4 weeks give or take.


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the entire stock for the first run of chiefs (sold exclusively on yye) sold out in minutes, first run of acs went fast too…

plenty of summit runs to come.

hope there are a fair amount of nickels, or just enough for me to get one…

Looks like Andre snuck in a new Colorway, Raspberry red. Nice…

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Assembling some Summits as we speak. There is also a bunch running on the machines. Hang tight my friends.

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I remember Skywalkers and Chiefs selling out so fast that you couldn’t actually make it through to your cart once the countdown timer ended.

That always scares the living daylights out of me…

The new 28 Stories Summit looks Almost like the old ones. Awesome!

Even that wasn’t as bad as the mystery boxes…
I thought the Summits would turn out like the VsNYYC releases.

Omg that is such great news!!! thanks Paul!!! I have your yye trading card btw and its awesome!!!

One Drop said it in the product description over on their site.

Summit Product Description

I actually watch (for fun) all the super hyped yoyos get snagged that I won’t be getting.
Somehow for me it’s hilarious to watch $135+ chunks of metal fly off the shelves that fast.
Even though I got a Summit, it was pretty darn hilarious to just to watch all the others race to get the last ones…

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I think it’s really interesting too. But when you think about it, if you make an amazing product, such as the summit, everyone is going to want one either to add to a collection or to become the next greatest with it. So I dont hinder people who were waiting at their computers watching the countdown clock. I did it for my new pink ann connolly whip hahaah except I thought it would sell out much like the blue ones did and also because I wanted it really badly. I really hope the new summit colorways are cool although I love solid colorways the best. thats why Im sorta mad I wasnt able to get a solid black or pink one. those are my two favorite colorways in a yoyo other than silver. But I have a solid silver fools gold avalanche. So I wouldnt want another silver yoyo.