New Agape's for sale only

I only have a few of these left so get them quick.

PM me for details.

This sucks. EVERYONE wants one but no one will buy one. I don’t get it.

once I have enough dough I will buy one

hopefully I’ll have one left.

Perhaps if you included the price, and instead of a link, a great picture and specs of the yo, you might get more sales.

Well I’m curious as to how bad my sales are? You know so much about what I have sold right?
I do agree that I need a better picture BUT those in the link are the best I have currently.
Also I didn’t realize it but I wanted it to say PM me with an offer. Its ok though. These people here are smart. They know what they are doing. I do only have a few left though. Which means my methods must be working or my sales would be bad.


I never said your sales were bad. I was just trying to help, because earlier in the post you were talking about how no one was buying your yoyos. I did not mean any offence.

Its cool bro. If you had read my first post it says I only have a few left. Thos are the ones I was talking about.

You know I want one :] sigh

now is your last chance. Well until the next run goes to the stores.