FS only: Summer Yoyos for Sale! CHEAP! :)

Hey guys, please help me out! I’m selling some yoyos, all new! Message me if interested! Willing to make deals =)

ILYY Enigma, mint condition. This yoyo is truly beautiful. $50 OBO - GONE

Werrd TFL Cleen Zee Pool edition, mint. $45 OBO

Pyro Light #748 Orange And Maroon, mint. $35 OBO

Difeyo GTO-F, mint. $35 OBO

Square Wheels Royale, has been thrown once, came with slight wobble. $25 OBO GONE

BBYY Vortex, mint. $35 OBO GONE

Please help me out! Post in this thread, or message me if interested!!!

The prices are soooo cheap! :o :o

Indeed ;D Spread the word! Let’s sell these yoyos!!!

the last yoyo is a BBYY Vortex. There arent many out there but i dont know much about it besides it looks cool

Thanks! I’ll edit that!

bump! some yoyos gone!

Bump! 3 great yoyos left everyone =)


weren’t you on AGT in 2011??

Yeah I was on last season’s show.


you were awesome!

But Piers was a jerk to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched you live (on tv).

I don’t think I knew that yo-yos could do that then.

You may have inspired me!

Dude, thanks for the kind words, and support! :slight_smile: It means a lot!

These puppies are cheap. I’d pick them up right now only I’m looking for beaters to mod.

Listen to this guy, he knows what he’s talking about =)

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bump…some good yoyos left, for cheap! :slight_smile:

Bump for such a great player.