FS: lots of good stuff

hi all! i am looking to sell some of my yoyos (obviously). I would prefer to sell them, not trade them. offer whatever you like for them. please note, while there is no suggested price in this post, obvious lowball offers will be ignored.

I have included a link to the pictures under the list. if you need more pics, please message me.
every yoyo comes with two new yoyo expert strings.
Yoyos in bold are ones i dont really want to sell, but i put up to see what offers come in for them.

Mint first run one drop project
One drop 54 small scuff on one half
Mint 3yoyodesign token
Yoyojam dark magic 2 a few minor scuffs, i could only get one to show in the pics. plays like new.
Mint Yoyofactory splash dv888
B-grade yoyo factory speed dial
Mint yoyo factory 07 888 small bearing
yoyo factory protostar has a couple small white spots. do not affect play.

I also have some counter wieghts and side affects for sale.


That’s an 07 stealth 888

your correct, Sorry for the typo. it has been fixed