Who's ready for a Mystery Box? **SPOILER ALERT!!**


We’re doing things a little differently this year! More info coming soon!



I’m ready for a mystery box!


I’m ready


Ohh that gif is evil.

(André Boulay) #6


Finnnnggerr spiiinnnns!


How does this work? Like how do I buy it? And what does it mean by first release 4/18/17 that’s today but this video is the only information about it.


Patience. The day is young.


Oh ok. I was just wondering if it meant just the video was releasing or the actual box


I just hope they do not sell out before I can get home late this evening.


From what we can see of the finish and the profile shape, my guess is a Cypher Ultra. 7068 and a redesign in the cup area to allow for finger spins would be a darn good throw, IMO.


I think I know what it is yyf was streaming yesterday and showed a yoyo it had finger spin hub like the skyva


Countdown up!


The sad fact that I watched it for 2 minutes before I figured out what it was…


Either Horizon ultra, or some other V shape


Lol. Me too


I don’t think that that orange one in the video is a horizon ultra, but that could just be the new plastic yoyo. But I am definitely excited for the horizon ultra.


Must be some other V-Shape, The Horizon Ultra is releasing Friday. :wink:


Awesome! Any idea on price?