YoYoFactory Buyer's Club Mystery Box #2!



So how is the release going to work – Is their going to be any unreleased yoyos in this mystery box?


The big question is do i get all 3 or just one??? What is everyone else thinking?


I think you should get 2 of each…yeah, so get 6 of them :slight_smile:


General Public Release of the Mystery Box and your chance to join the club happens THURSDAY at 8PM EST! Plus… There is not just one or two… but THREE options to guarantee different yo-yos should you choose!

Already in the club?! Check your email!


Are there any un-released YoYo’s in the mystery boxes this time round Garrett?



There’s yo-yos in every mystery box. Guaranteed.


That is the most mysterious answer ever, lol.

Just trying to guage whether it is worth getting more than one of the options


Every box is different, no overlap. So if you’re considering getting all 3 you can at least be sure of that. ;D


I’m new to the Buyer’s Club stuff :slight_smile: Any yoyos in the boxes are YYF only? Or Basecamp as well?


I kinda hope they do one with the pivot in it. i missed the first box and want a pivot so bad…

But i do have a question… do we get hints as to whats in each of the 3 or do we get to pick from 3 boxes blindly?


Well I am sure that the Pivot is not gonna be in it, because, imagine those that got the 1st box, and now they get another pivot. There will be pitchforks and stuffs, I tell ya.


I only have 4 yyf throws, 2 of which came from mystery box #1 and the others from the yyf summer sale, not so mystey box. Using the $25 gift card I got from guessing 2 out of 3 yoyos on worlds, I can’t go wrong. BTW, thank you YYE.


Welcome! ;D



Lol :joy: Thanks :wink:


Happy to help!


where are these hints? i didnt see anything so i just went with the east…


haha right… well i went with the East. i guess I could always trade what i get if i dont like it.


Just wondering how long it will take you guys to mail the order as I paid extra for shipping and still havent gotten tracking#. I ordered it last night so I expected a tracking number at least by this morning. Any clarification would be nice.


If you ordered last night then it will ship out today. Tracking numbers all get sent out at the end of the day so you should get an email in an hour or two.