The 1st YYF Buyer’s Club Mystery Box Releases Tonight!

Buyer’s Club Mystery Box #1

Welcome to the Mystery Box Buyer’s Club!
We joined forces with YoYoFactory once again to bring you the the best Mystery Box Release yet! We are pushing beyond the standard Mystery Box format and for the first time we are creating a series of Mystery Boxes releasing throughout 2017!

Introducing the 1st Box in the series!
For this first release you are guaranteed two completely new unreleased YoYoFactory yo-yos. One full metal and one full plastic design! Let’s just say if finger spins are your thing you will be pleasantly surprised…

How does the Buyer’s Club work?!
Participating in this first Mystery Box Release will automatically enroll you into the new YoYoFactory Buyer’s Club! Simply purchase the first box and you are guaranteed a chance to purchase box #2 later this year! Like what you get?! (We think you will!) Just stay in the club. The purchase of each box guarantees you get the first opportunity to buy the next box in line! Four Mystery box releases planned for 2017!

Releases April 18th @ 9PM EST!

That feeling when you dig a giant trench and earn $50 for the mystery box and you log into yoyoexpert and you find that it’s already sold out😞 will yoyoexpert sell the pivot separate and restock?