Whos getting the onedrop rally and the clyw yeti this summer?


I cant wait for the releases the rally drops july 19 and the yeti is to be announced for the date i might sell my modded classic to get some money for it who else is stoked?!




^^^^^ the rally in spring rain color



^^^^^^^The prototype of the clyw yeti


Anyway, I’m hoping the Yeti comes with Aqua Snow Tires, which is what looks to be the case in the proto. I’m getting both regardless, but Aqua Snow Tires would be a nice addition. I would also love to get a Rally, but I’m not sure how I feel about the green colorway.


I’m getting a Rally, for sure. As for the CLYW, I haven’t decided yeti.


I see what you did there. :wink:

As for me, I’m getting the Yeti for sure. If I can make a few sales, perhaps I’ll pick up a Rally as well, but I’m not terribly interested.


Sorry its my first post with pics and i do it from my phone


summoners rift lady voice PENTAAA POOOST

and idk the yeti doesn’t look too pretty IMO, but that might just be the picture and definitely also the color I don’t typically like black all that much. Also it looks all pearly and nice if the colorway is named the black pearl edition ill just get it or if theres a pearly light blue (cyan even if its not pearly) 100% buy


The Rally is killer. It plays incredibly smooth, not just for a plastic… but for a yo-yo. Both are going to to be mass produced in high batches. They have to be in order to pay off the molds.

I have not had the chance to play the Yeti but I can tell just by holding it that the Rally has had some serious attention paid to making sure this a comfortable, well balanced, and well playing yo-yo.


I already got my Rally. I have a video using it uploading :smiley:


hoping to get the yeti :slight_smile:


I’m buying the one drop rally!

(SR) #15

Ill get the Yeti for sure, I’ll get the Rally too. Both look good.

I want the Blue Yeti though, that thing looks sick.


I’m definitely getting a Yeti. Maybe a OD if I have money left over. I like the shape of the OD more, but the CLYW looks cool to me.


I WANT BOTH! THEYRE TOO SICK! Sorry, just excitement xD


I’m definitely getting a Rally, I don’t know about the Yeti though. I don’t like how the axle nipples stick out so far


Im definatly getting both. Im most excited about the Rally. That just looks so cool. I have never been this excited to get a couple plastic throws :slight_smile:

(Big D) #20

I’m saving up for a new clyw right now but will probably get a rally when it comes out. I was curious to see what other people colors it will come in