Anyone thinks that CLYW AND ONEDROP should make a 3rd collab Yoyo Together. Yeti and Rally. Thinking of that makes my mind go BLOWN!


10/10 would buy. It could be called the “hype machine”


Isn’t the “Hype machine” already made? Isn’t it the summit


It wouldn’t touch the YYF Hype.


There’s yyf hype?

(UmeNagisa) #6

So You’re saying. Something like.
The yeti, make from polycarb, with Weight rings and the bearing seat if the rally, and snowtires?


It would be so difficult to make this happen. Keep in mine that the plastics all start with a ready made mold, a collaboration yoyo would need a new, expensive, mold. These are not like metals where you start with a chunk of aluminum and then carve the yoyo out of it.


Couldn’t they start out with a rod of polycarb then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk, it would probably waste too much and unlike aluminum they can’t melt it.

But it seems like a plastic collab could be down the road once they can muster up the funds to get another mold.


What if they just smash the two molds together, which would create a new fused mold? Like attach them to the front of two trucks, and have the trucks crash in to each other?

(DarkPirate) #10

hey… lets just go all the way and do a OD/CLYW Merger. Then every yoyo could be a collaboration and we could call it “One Lodge Caribou Drop Yoyo Works.”

Cant beat that :wink:


Or One Lodge


That’s an amazing idea, let’s do it!

(WildCat23) #13

Use the top of the Yeti and the bottom of the Rally Molds? Then add weight rings?


why not make a rally using the yeti’s material, then add thinner weight rings?



(kclejeune) #16

Or ya know… Caribou droppings :wink:

(DarkPirate) #17

Ha Ha!


thank you! Exactly my point.


Caribou droppings sounds like a better name than summit


THAT… is an interesting idea to say the least. I wonder if it could be done?