So I guess I'm getting a Rally or Protostar instead of the Yeti.


I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere once or twice that the Yeti’s first release would be directly from a certain site in early July. Now it’s saying that the first release will be on August 9th at worlds and on YYE at midnight. I was hoping to see some reviews on it to compare with others. Maybe I’ll end up getting both.

(SR) #2



And you decided to make a thread to tell us… Why?


There’s a new Protostar coming out soon. You can grind on this one :slight_smile:



I guess it’s time to sell my 3a protostar pair and get a pair of new ones :smiley:


Actually they never said early July they said late July.


All I’ve seen so far


I think he mistook YYE for Facebook.


Because I felt like it.




That was hilarious ;D