Who bought a metal Yeti last night?

(Erik Kerber ) #1

I snagged one right at 9pm central 10pm eastern on the nose. I’m pretty hyped about it! First yo-yo I will have bought in like 2 years. I’ve still got the original plastic Yeti, before the second release. Who else got one? Are you hyped for it? For hilarity and throw back sake here is 15 year old me freaking out over the first yeti I ever got. I still feel like that on the inside if I’m being honest😂

(Joseph) #2

I sadly missed the release, so I couldn’t snag one, but I’m super hyped to get one in January (when the actual release happens).

(Erik Kerber ) #3

Yesterday wasn’t the actual release?.. I’m confused. I guess I’ve been tuned in enough to know there was some dropping but not enough to fully know what’s going on.


I was tempted by the silver or purple. But got distracted and missed out. Probably better for my wallet anyway.


Yesterday was a limited quantity pre-release for YoYoExpert, rewind, and slusny only. They’ll have a bigger official release in January.

(Erik Kerber ) #6

Oh ok, I guess I got lucky then👍🏻 I have to say yoyoexperts website has really improved since the last Yeti release. Or maybe there we just less people this time. But last time the site was super duper slow and I felt like I wasn’t gonna make it. His time it was really smooth sailing. Good job either way YYE tech team.


Woah! Erik! Long time, no see!

(Justin Thompson) #8

Just wanna give you guys (and gals) at YYE a shoutout and big thanks, both for running a great store with A+ customer service, and also hands-down the best yoyo forum in the land. Keep up the good work!

(Erik Kerber ) #9

Hey dude! Yeah I’m still in the game. I hope on the forums and lurk a bit here and there. I’m around still😂