Any more news on the Yeti and when it is coming to yoyoexpert?

It’s been discussed here for a while,84422.0.html

Its coming soon… at least they have been saying that for almost a year now haha, but yes they have had quite a few issues in getting them made.

Yea I hope they wait until July to release them because I’m going to be gone a couple weeks this month and I really don’t want to miss out after all this time of waiting.

I’m gonna try talking to one of my freinds to see if he would be willing to buy one for me if they release while I’m away and then I could pay him back later but we’ll see

When they do decide to release it how do we know? Like does a tab for the YETI just appear under clyw?

No it should come up on the home page like all other new releases

Unless they don’t announce it, and it’s a surprise

wait so how exactly do we know …? can you better explain? Please.

Most likely it’ll be announced here:,29.0.html