what comes after the YETI

what is clyw doing after the yeti is there going to be a yeti 2? and how long wait for that one?

Yea it said that the yeti was 1 of five in a set when are the others coming

I believe that clyw is going to make a Yeti v2 that will be made of standard Polycarbonate instead of the glass filled polycarbonate that the current yeti is made of. I think that the switch in material may result in less string snapping and may be cheaper.

will it still have the yeti character?

Hopefully nothing for now. My wallet needs a break.

Note> the following is my personal opinion

It will be better than the OG Yeti. It will be smoother. It will be better looking. If Chris feels like it he can make the New Yeti in: solid colors, see through colors, sparkle colors, transitional colors, glow in the dark effects, etc. It will feel faster on the string. It will be harder to damage. And it will be more stable.

So… no I don’t think it will have the ‘old Yeti character’.

I don’t even hesitate predicting the New Yeti will be a Big Hit.

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And so it begins… to the CLYW Ask.fm!

[i]“Steve, when are the new Yeti’s coming out?”



I think that after this final Yeti release we should have some kind of “Yeti Amnesty”, where we all agree to go for at least a month without asking Steve anything Yeti-related. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That poor guy needs a break

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i second this

i see what you mean by the fact that people have asked a lot about this product, which is why i am posting it here to ask you guys if there has been any plans? I’m not waiting for a response from steve i just want to know if clyw has said anything if not then its ok ;D

No, CLYW has not said anything about what will change on the new “Yeti”. There, now that’s out of the way everyone can stop asking.

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someone sound bitter

there will never be enough yetis to fulfill the wants of the masses… but seeing that Chris has come out and said that they are redesigning the yeti to make it easier to make and easier to get a hold i think we should all just wait give Steve Brown. Then maybe he will finally make a video for us. I still don’t think it is time for us to ask whats next, CLYW will let us know when the time is right.

I remember someone’s comment on the YYE announcement of the latest Chief run was about where the Yetis were. That’s got to be beyond frustrating.

The next generation Yeti is likely a long way off. Like the lapse between this run of them and the last one. The only way we see a YYE announcement on the Yeti anytime soon is if someone stumbles over a previously undiscovered box full of them in the warehouse.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of great plastics currently in stock that barely sell.

They’ve said a couple of times that this last run will be the last run ever. They still have extra parts, but it’s just too much of a hassle, understandably. They are redesigning it into a Yeti 2.0 with a different material and tweaked shape, like was stated above. This will take time however, as I don’t believe they have gotten around to designing it yet as they have a lot of other things they are working on that come first. Namely, Zach’s new sig, Andrew Maider’s sig, Kurti’s sig, and a Puffin 3.


There are some great plastics out right now that get zero shine…

Availability is of the greatest abilities, yet it is often under appreciated.

This! So many good plastics out there, just because they’re not made by CLYW doesn’t mean they’re not great. I think part of the Yeti’s reputation is because it’s the only CLYW that everyone could afford (outside of Fools Gold), and it was made in such small numbers that it just takes on this mythical quality that it’s the best plastic yo-yo ever made.

It’s almost comical that such a flawed design (glass plastic/shape that cuts string, YYF death-grip spacers) is so desired when there are so many other plastics out there that get no love despite being equal players without the flaws.

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