CLYW Yeti?


Apparently it’s a very good plastic yoyo but … Where can it be found 0-0… Is it like the cypher before it’s official release where you could only get it in the mystery bag?


*sigh they are out of stock everywhere you can find them on the BST


ye they have been popping up ALOT as of lately, which means they are being traded for/purchased alot, gotta wait for some of the new owners to drop it in on the bst.i do think there is one on there right now. i believe it be a grey yeti…not sure though.but yea a mintish new one is pretty much impossible. but i one of the best all plastics you can find

(Steve Brown) #4

It’s going to be a month or so, but we just shipped parts for another 300 pieces to our assembly folks. So the process has officially begun, and more Yetis are on the way!

New Yeti Release.
(Erik Kerber ) #5


I’m actually kinda glad they won’t be released for another month. Now I have time to stock pile money. :smiley:


I would just wait for the new yetis to come that way you don’t overpay in other places


I talked to palli at IYYC and he said Chris wants to re-release the yetis with a few changes and hopefully cheaper, is that true?

(Steve Brown) #8

We want to do a lot of things, but we still have existing parts to get through before we decide if we’re going to continue the Yeti with changes or just discontinue the model entirely.


Well that would definitely be a shame to just scrap the yoyo all together… I’m sure the changes can be made, even if they’re just very very minor. And, I’m more then sure it would be a great business move to produce and sell more yeti’s, considering how many people continue to want them, and considering how every single throw that clyw puts out is sold out within the day of release.

I know I would buy at least one… If been waiting a long time to get one.

(Erik Kerber ) #10

Yea I agree. I’m definatly buying one


Any chance that CLYW will make a foray into the multi-material market? A modified Yeti with weight rings sounds mighty interesting. A hybrid metal CLYW sounds even more interesting…

(major_seventh) #12

But that would take away the magic of the all plastic design :wink:


I would throw my money at the yeti when it comes out :P. For now, OD Rally it is haha.