So the yeti’s are coming up and obviously they get a lot of hype. For the most part people say they love them but some people disagree. I was just wondering if someone would describe how it plays/ feels etc.

IMO it plays like a floaty plastic, has a solid feel. great yoyo. I recommend getting one. I wasn’t a huge fan of the YYF spacers, but im sure injection molding the bearing seat to the right tolerances was probably a pain. :slight_smile:

Yup, that

when do they release them specifically? Anyone know?

No one knows yet, feel free to check CLYW’s Ask.FM, people are always asking.

I’m still pretty convinced they’re not coming, and if they do those will be the last.

Agreed, they are taking forever, and it’s unclear if progress has been made.

It says on the website the are in production now… Just click on the yeti and look at the production status!

They’ve been ‘working’ on producing Yetis for months and months and months. Not gonna happen, they obviously can’t turn ‘em out in a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price. They’ll eventually get the halves they alreasy molded set up, they’ll go to stores once, then the only way you’ll get one is paying 65-80 on the BST. Callin’ it.

So you don’t think CLYW will sale them?

I heard that when they release they will be shipped out to retailers and that means YYE

If you read there page often then you’ll know that they said they will announce it when it is ready. Of course they’re going to sell the Yeti. who said that they weren’t?

It is a real shame that the Yeti turned out to be so much hassle for CLYW.

If they were actually able to churn out tonnes of them for $40 or so like they originally planned to, I have no doubt that it would be one of the bestselling/most popular yoyos out at the moment. It sucks that they became such a nuisance to assemble.

That being said the Yeti is a great yoyo. Easily the best full-plastic I’ve ever thrown, I’m definately glad that I was able to get my hands on one. :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to play with one for about 5 minutes at the Georgia State Yoyo Contest, and WOW! It’s very floaty, yet solid, and feels great in the hand. It could spin a little longer though. If you can’t get a yeti, I definitely recommend the Yoyorecreation Triad. It’s an amazing plastic, but strangely enough, it doesn’t play like a plastic. It sort of plays like a low-end draupnir, and has a plastic feel. In short, I like the triad better, but the yeti is still an amazing yoyo

Yea it is too bad that the Yeti has turned into that that’s why this run might be the last but CLYW hasn’t said so we don’t know. But I know that I’m oing to do everything I can to get my hands on a Yeti when they come out.

Chris and Steve have both spoken pretty plainly on here about discontinuing the Yeti.

I have 2, a black and a blue. Not really hyped for more. (Yet…)