How much does a yeti cost new from yoyoexpert? Just wondering :slight_smile:

Should be $45

hey a new Yeti thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this is number… never mind, I lost count ten months ago.

Has it been that long that they were supposedly releasing? And what is so good about this yeti that everyone is dying for?


But it definitely has a lot of character and there’s nothing like it for sure. I really enjoy my Yetis.

I’m curious to how this plays now. It’s plastic correct? I’ve tried a few that many love and don’t particularly care for them. Actually, I dislike them. I’ve tried the replay pro and was told it was great. For a plastic, I must say absolutely. But still not something if seek after. And then I was told before I push out plastics, try a diffusion 2. Actually came across one that was thrown in for a different purchase and didnt love that either.

It’s a glass injected plastic, whatever that means.

Feels solid and is quiet.

The Yeti is interesting, but I’d rather throw a metal pretty much any day of the week. The Chief in particular and the Chief isn’t even one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

Again with a yeti thread. Just give us our yetis :’( lol

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