best plastic throw

So, I’m looking for a nice plastic beater. Do you guys have any recommendations? I was looking at diffusion 2 or rally but I’m open to other suggestions
EDIT: I just got my diffusion, and holy **** it’s amazing. I might even write a review

Rally was pretty boring. New yetis are supposed to be stocked which are pretty fun. The diffusion 2 was also nice but my all time favorite is the Crazy D. It’s relaxed and comfortable.

Never used a Rally or diffusion, but I have a yeti that’s pretty fun, my Regen is a lot of fun IMO, and the Northstar plays pretty well, but has YYF’s dumb spacer system and apparently it’s really easy to over tighten, so I’d avoid it.

The YoYoZeekio Zenith is supposed to be pretty good as well

Diffusion 2
Delrin Severe

There are many more but those are nice.

how much do yetis go for? I heard they have some spacer problems, right? And the second run will be probably as hard to get as the first one… I’m seriously considering the diffusion 2 but I’m not sure…

They’re about 55 bucks new. There’s no spacer problem, but the spacers are tight which make it difficult to remove the bearing.

New Yeti’s include an extra set of spacers, however.

Steve Brown had said this next run of Yetis will run about $45

yeah but they will probably sell out in a matter of seconds…

why do people hold such high expectations of the premiere

cause Hiroyuki Suzuki made it

so are you implying that the general public have liked any of his throws besides the anglam

Oh… no lol

Diffusion 2 performs better but the Premiere is fun.

just to let you guys know, I ordered the diffusion. I’ll also try to get the yeti when it gets released. Also, thanks for help.

You’ll love it!

We’ll see. I heard that getting hooked on yyr can cause some serious damage to your wallet tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just got my diffusion, and holy shit it’s amazing. I might even write a review

Just wait till you try a sleipnir or draupnir


I have to disagree with that statement! The Draupnir and other expensive throws over $200 like a titanium too…are just too valuable to really enjoy!!! Being so fearful it’d get dinged and you’ll never be able to recover your costs…especially should you decide it’s NOT for you!? I get it, it a status symbol kinda “thing”. Yeah

I wouldn’t mind walking the dog with a Sleipnir.

Draupnir I would mind, only because it could cause some major vibe with the stainless steel rims being knocked out of alignment.