Who will win IYYC?

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IYYC seems to be like last years worlds except with huge dollar rewards and less competition (except in 1A). I wonder what others think of this contest, and who they believe will win.

List of Competitors


1A: Janos Karancz
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Hank Freeman
4A: Ian Johnson
5A: Petr Kavka

Those to look out for

1A: Paul Kerbal, Luis Enrique, Zach Gormely, Paulo Bueno, Anthony Rojas

2A: Shu Takada

3A: Eric Tranton

4A: Ben Conde

5A: JonRob, Chase Baxter, Bryan Jardin


Zach Gormely has it.
Shinji has it.
Hank has it.
Ben Conde and Ian Johnson tie.
Steve Brown blows competition away.


Best Yoyo: Breathe (because its the only one made by IYYC)


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Steve Brown?


This is lame but really made me laugh out loud. Thanks!! :wink:


1a: Janos Karancz
2a: Shinji Saito
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Ian Johnson
5a: Sam Scott

(Owen) #7

5A: cman or die

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Where can we find prelim scores?

(Zammy Ickler ) #9

You don’t understand.
Steve Brown’s 5a is insanely good, especially those hubstack x 5a tricks.
His last worlds freestyle he did in 5a was incredibly innovative for the division, but it never took off. Maybe someday!


(not sure how to embedd videos on here)



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I never doubted his skills. It’s just that he’s not competing.


So far I think I’ve gotten everything right. Let’s see about 5a and 1a.

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Just. Wow.


Right on the money with your favs till the 5a!


Sebby goes clean beats world champion


AGGGHHH! Perfect and then downed by 1a! 2a-5a right and my 1a pick gets 4th.


Not bad. I did terrible :stuck_out_tongue:


As usual. ducks and then jumps

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Shu Takada got best of show! (Highest Cash Prize)