Who wants a Severe 2010?


Just ordered my red Severe 2010 with caps cant wait for it to arrive :smiley: who else wants one?


I just ordered the blue wavelength…
I really love Severe…
I love the Original Severe sooo much…
Tyler and YYF have done a good job…


i really want one!!!


I have the capless Black/red acid wash. Got it autographed by Tyler, Augie, and Miggy. 8)


What you reckon would be better a 888x or a sever 2010?


Preference. I like the 2010 Severe better.


i haven’t tried a 2010 severe but i think it is awesome!!!


I really want tylers servere


I WANT ONE sooo bad !!!
but i have to wait at least 2 weeks to get it ! :stuck_out_tongue: cause i don’t live in the US. haha ! or it will be 2 days or less.


Oh, man I need to get one, but I have no money :’(
Love the new lazer engravings, it looks like blood splatter!

(Justin the JeeJaw) #11

Do we really have to make this kind of topic for every new yoyo that is coming out?


want one. i can afford it but my mom has restrictions like so: “U cannot have one until your birthday or christmas; limting to 2 yoyos a YEAR!”


Who wouldn’t want a severe 2010


Have you seen the photos of the severe 2010 in yoyofactory theres a pink severe


there is?


Go to this link http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Severe.jpg


I know, and in the back there is also a red and blue 2010 Severe with some kind of cool details. I hope they will be releasing more colors soon! :slight_smile:


That’s the Steve Brown '10 Severe!!! It’s so cool looking!

I just got a green/yellow acid wash '10 Severe! Awesome!



i would like to get a severe right now!


When will the Steve Brown Severe come out ???