2010 Severe review?

Well, I don’t know why I am typing this, but I’m guessing that a lot of you guys would like me to type a review of the 2010 Severe! I don’t know and it depends when, but I might. So please reply and let me know if you would like me to right a review of it.(stressed)

Yes please a review would be awesome. I loved the first severe and might pick up the new one so I would love to know if it plays as great as the first.

I am interested in finding out the exact specs… i.e. diameter, width, weight :slight_smile:

I really like to read a review about it, with tons of pics if you don’t mind.

And a comparative review and pics if possible, but not really necessary.

Yeah that would be cool to read. I had a 2009 edition and I didnt like it much, I would like to see how the 2010 compares to the 2009 edition.

Why in the world would you be stressed? You should never be stressed about anything to do with yoyo’s.

i’m pretty sure he didn’t mean that type of stressed…

Just takes a lot of typing and thinking and making sure everything makes sense. It’s not what you think I mean. I need a lot more people to want me to write a review. I will write one soon. Maybe on the weekend.

No rush mate… I would love to read it when you get a chance. Have fun with it

Alright I will but may take me a bit to get pics up