Severe 2010

You probably realized that Yoyoexpert hasn’t had the Severe in for a while. Well that’s because it’s now discontinued. Well, Yoyofactory did that because they are making a 2010 Severe. It’s supposed to be an updated version. It should be released during the summer. I am so excited! You can take a peek at it in the video: Yoyofactory Genesis: The Start. It’s Tyler that’s using the pre-production version.

tyler has mention it himself in that thread.

worth to wait.

Now I’m not positive, but if they are making a new Severe, that doesn’t mean that it’s discontinued, just that they let run number whatever run out before making changes to the next batch

No, I’m 100% sure that’s it’s discontinued. Even emailed Yoyoexpert.

they are.
YYF says that 2009 severe intended to be a single run.
and the 2010 severe is on the way.
they still severe though.

i think it’s kinnda like 888’s.
'07 discontinued, and they made the '08 version.
but they are still 888’s.

Like cars… Theres the 2008 model, and the 2009 model… Both are the same but were just made different years… They may offer color differences… Then they amp it up a bit with the 2010 model… New body, new features, ect…

I know. I just said I was excited for it and I wanted to share it all with you guys.

I’ll be one of the first to buy this.

I’m expecting:
Slim K-Pads stock.
Same anno as before.
New solid color-ways, hopefully a purple!
And I hope they can change the caps a bit so they in tighter and don’t make so much noise.
Center-Trac bearing stock.
Less cash-ola please. ;D


I’m glad your excited. I’m going to buy one too. Maybe just not right when it comes out.

There is a new Severe coming out, Tyler was talking about it on Facebook the other day asking folks what colours it should be in.

I wonder if they are going to change the cap design…

I hope so.

I wish they would make the caps out of a different material this time, not plastic.


Just found out, the caps will be flat, not domed.

FHZ caps on the Severe again anyone? ;D

Wouldn’t it be cool if they were like reverseable… One side flat, the other domed? I think it would be cool if they put the YYF tower on them

should be awesome

I hope they have the hardcoat again.

so they are going to make a new 2010 version!!!
i can’t wait!!!
thank you for letting me know :slight_smile: