Was the SEVERE from YYF ever made in aluminum?

plz forgive if i’m posting in the wrong place, new member here.

I played with one today and it looked aluminum. did they stop making that one?? I did not see a metal version of it in the shop.


Back in 2009 and 2010 YYF made an aluminum Severe. The new derlin one is modled after that original one. It was an amazing throw. The modern aluminum Severe is known as the Supernova.

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'09 Severes are awesome.

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Yeah, I totaly loved it. my friend happend to have one in his backpack. does the new derlin version play the same?

Excellent! I’ll have to look into that, looking for my next thorw

Haven’t played the '09 Severe so I can’t tell you how it compares but the delrin Severe is pretty darn awesome.


I wish I could get the original severe so it could be pair with the delrin severe to make awesome 3a throws.

Me severe is beadblasted, and abosulutely amzing. Very fun throw (For trade or sale too)

I have a couple of the 2010 Severe’s and a 2009 as well. I recently had a chance to try the Delrin version and did not like it that much. I might have liked it better if I was not comparing it to the aluminum version psychologically, but I really wish they would make a 7075 version of the 2009 Severe.

The only Delrin YoYo I have that I’m really impresed with is the C3 Sceptre., which they sadly won’t realease in the U.S. becasue of a patent issue with Duncan. The Sceptre can accomodate two different size bearings, which makes it a very versatile YoYo, and it’s super smooth. I highly recommend it.

Bored, so I decided to gather some pics of the 2009 Severe, 2010 Severe, the Supernova, and the 2012 (Derlin) Severe.

The first glimpse of the Severe we got was in 2009, it was all black and had the 44Clash logo on one side and the YYF logo on the other. People became very interested in this new model and they were highly sought after.

These were the original production YYF Severe’s as shown to the world by YYF in 2009.

Here are the 2010 Severe’s, an “improvement” over the original 2009 model.

Here is a comparison shot between the 2009 and 2010 Severes. As you can see, the 2009 Severe (left) is not as big as the 2010 Severe (right).

YYF decided that they were going to improve the Severe even more in 2011, so they released what we know as the Supernova. This is one of YYF’s flagship competition models and has been used to win multiple contests. Here is the Supernova

Available for purchase here:

In 2012 it was announced that YYF was working on a derlin throw for Champions Collection Wave 2. This throw is now known as the YYF Derlin Severe. It takes qualities from the 2009 and 2010 Severes, and the Supernova all while incorporating it into a high quality plastic.

Available for purchase here at YYE:


Was there any differences between the 2011 and 2012 Supernovas?

Little changes in shape, weight distribution, manufacturing outsourced to China, material changed from 7075 Aluminium to 6061.

@ SR,

Great Summary!! thanks for sharing!!


Very similar actually. The main difference is it feels different in hand and slight difference at the bottom of the string. but they play similarly.

My favorite line of yoyos

Fantastic post SR.

To add to it.

44Clash: 50
general release colors: 220
VK: 12 (regarded as the MOST collectable)
samples, B-grade and team issue: approx. 200

response was all hand poured silicone, every one done BY Tyler himself, everyone hand tested by Tyler himself, only the best were sold, which accounts to the high reject rate.

First time for heavy/lite. Production numbers were hard to track, because again, the caps provided a few problems and were dropped mid production with heavier rims replacing them. total production: 600 total (including STEVE BROWN edition, which featured over 30min worth of laser artwork). under 500 released for retail sale. Again, all assembled and tested by Tyler personally before shipment.


Thanks. Cool info, good to know.

I remember back in 2009 when I first saw the Severe, it was on the YYF Countdown Blog. I absolutely loved that blog, it was so full of good stuff. It would be cool if you guys did something like that again, except with FaceBook and everything now, I don’t see why you would. I would check that blog every day… and got excited when you put up pictures of throws you were working on. The Severe really caught my eye, and I should’ve bought one back in 2009 when I had the chance. Such a wonderful yoyo. Good looking too. 8)

that blog was fun! It was a lot work, and now we reach so many more people through other channels. We are working on better ways to have people stay in touch. Facebook just isn’t as exciting, and we are so excited by things we do we want a better way to share it!

Just place an order for a Supernova! Blk w/ silver splash

can’t wait!