ThrowBack Thursday Special Release! YoYoFactory SEVERE!


The Severe is one of the original premium plastic yo-yos form YoYoFactory. Modeled after the crowd favorite YYF Supernova and machined from durable delrin plastic!

Designed with both 1A and 5A in mind, this is an all around great performer. This model was released a few years back, but it still stands up against any plastic yo-yo on the market today.

These are New Old Stock. YoYoFactory had these produced as a custom special edition, but they never got shipped out and after spending some time in their warehouse we can now offer you one of our favorite yo-yos that we thought we would never see again!

This is the last time the original Delrin Severe will be available, if you haven’t tried a Severe you won’t want to miss this one!


I have an original release, highly recommend it.


Was easily the best plastic in the game a few years back :slight_smile:


Looks awesome! I like older yoyos, there is just something more interesting in how they play. I wonder how it compares to the newer machined plastics.


How would you compare it to the plastics of today?

Any idea if you guys will be getting a blueprint string restock?


I think it holds up pretty well to the plastics today. Maybe a little less rim weighted, but theres nothing it really can’t do.

For blueprint string - Just like any restock from Werrd these days, we hope to get some soon, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: Darn, that’s what I thought. I had someone send me like 30 blueprints with a yoyo I bought from them and it rekindled my love for them.


Unlike metal, plastics haven’t improved that much over the years so I think it would still be one of the top plastics.


hope to see it in my favorite store: billybobs yoyos

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Might be time to find a new favorite store, this is a YoYoExpert Exclusive!