Plastic yoyos...

I am thinking about buying a plastic yoyo and am not looking for something in particular other than I want something different than my Hectic and not very expensive. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. :slight_smile:

Might check out the plastics from YYJ, YYF, and Duncan. All of them are great and one might fit your preferences (or lack of).

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I haven’t formed a preference yet so I am trying to try something new.

If you’re in the market for plastic yo-yos then I recommend looking at some of the YYJ plastics. Since you’re looking for something different compared to your Hectic, try these:

Lyn Fury - This is a more intermediate to advanced yo-yo. The gap is relatively wide compared to other YYJ plastics, and the shape is very rounded.

Kickside - This is yo-yo feels very bulky in your hand because it has flat rims and a rounded body. The response setting is more for less experienced players because it is more responsive than double yo-ring.

Legacy - This plastic is a heavy weight. Add in a wide gap and silicone pad response, and you’ve got an amazing unresponsive yo-yo.

Out of the YYF plastics the only one I’d recommend is the Plastic Grind Machine. Like the Kickside, the shape feels large in your hand. This yo-yo is also smooth and unresponsive on the string and grinds. The hubstacks are also a plus.

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i think a protostar or a grind maching is a really good choice

duncam 2010 freehand. You can find it on this site, or if you prefer to get it from a store instead of online, Toys R Us.

You could try the yoyojams that have solid spin axle:

Revolution, DMII, Atmosphere, and New Breed. If you can wait you could buy some of the new yoyojams: SFX, Hitman Pro and SR-71.


There is the Protostar, Legacy, Lyn Fury, Modded FHZ, and New Freehand 2, etc. :slight_smile: Also, if you would consider the YYJ Hybrids as “plastics”, then there is the Mini Mo-Tu, Hitman, DM v1 and v2, X-Convict, etc. :wink:

Its a safe choice to get a legacy because of it’s great play for 1a and 5a

To add to this:

Legacy + (insert yoyo-made-for-1a name here); 3a.