Who took the same flight as Andrè

Soo, who would like to have gone to the same airport and went on the same plane as Andrè to BAC?

I think it would be interesting to see how many big suit cases.

And to see if the airport allows their yoyo stuff and yoyos…

Did anyone go on the flight with Andrè?

Only if anyone from Boston went. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if I had gone, (me being from NH) there would be a possibility I would be on the same flight. Which would be awesome. ;D

What a terrible thread. I don’t even know what you’re saying. Also yoyos are illegal on airplanes, everyone knows this. They had to ship them out before hand.

i took my whole collection on 1 flight i was fine

Yeah… Not true. I take a lot of yoyos when I travel, and I’ve never had a problem. Sometimes they’re suspicious so I just start throwing…

Plenty of people bring thir yoyos on their flights

lol, guess i’ll be more obvious with my sarcasm next time… Yeah of course you can bring yoyos on planes, which is why the orignal post was so bizarre.

You weren’t being sarcasm. Your just saying that so we don’t think you don’t know anything

If he didn’t bring anything he must just be chilling, listening to music maybe. Maybe even planning his Prelim :).

Andre’s competing?!?!?!?!?!?! Since when???

Um, idk? I need to edit that> check the edit.,

Flew to England last year with a case of yoyos in my carry on, but sure, what do i know.

Um, idk? I need to edit that> check the edit.,
I was startled 'cause as far as I know, Andre doesn’t compete anymore

I wish he did…

Me to…

Don’t we all…

No, it validates the point of the post. The OP wanted to know if anyone saw Andre, and how many suitcases (presumably full of yoyos) he had with him.

The third sentence of the Original Post was probably thrown in as his back-up in case they actually were illegal on airplanes. It sounded to me like he was a little unsure.

I mean… Andre posted a picture of his flight information… It probably sparked Bcmaddog’s curiosity.