Who thinks we should have a "$1 Dollar Tree YoYo Mod-Off"?

As the subject states(and I’m exercising good form here by re-stating in the body):

How about the idea of having a mod contest using the $1 yoyo being sold at Dollar Tree?

Minimal rules and limitations. No drastic body alterations so in the end we can still recognize it. Unfortunately, the prize would just be bragging rights. Voting would be via the YYE readers. Maximum of 5 entries per modder.

For curiosity purposes, I would like to request that modders detail out their work, including parts and stuff like that.

For those who have already done their mods, I’d say it’s still valid as a potential entry.

That would be fun. Super inexpensive competition as well…

I win! Thanks everyone.
IMG_20131111_180253_247 by mullicabob, on Flickr

That would be awesome

Someone on facebook “beefcaked” one by sticking two sides together…Kinda funny.
And Chris, you’re getting another one soon )

Great idea but my dollar tree does not seem to have them, can someone post a pic of the box?

Ask and ye shall receive:


Thanks, I know also that the have a lot more product in the back of the store, I will have to go back and ask.

I cant seem to find them on there website…

(sry for two post in a row)

I found them in the “Toys” area. Maybe they were all snapped up by other “closet throwers”.

Lol ok, IDK how many there are in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.