Team Dollar Tree Yoyo - First official video


Seems like a good throw for only a buck.

Very cool. Makes me think we all may be horrible toy snobs ;D.

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I’s say that dollar would be worth it.

Its pretty hilarious what people are doing with it. If you haven’t got one yet you should. If your local dollar tree doesn’t have them, JD has put some up at cost on his site.

Could you PM me the website?

Pretty awesome thing, If you are like me and you live in a city where the yoyoer population is 2 (at least from what I know), then some should be in stock lol.

Hey, i didnt get the mod. How did you mod it?

THere are a half dozen different ways to mod it.  Basic way is to just clean the bearing.  The one in the video was sanding down the starburst then adding a friction sticker instead.

Coool! Can you sandit with 1000 grit sandpaper? And i you dont have the stickers if you sand it enough is it possible to silicone it? Just curious. I might try it (even if you say its impossible :))

Try it and post your results on the FB page, or here and I’ll share it. I know one guy tried it, but sanded them too far and so the silicone spilled into the bearing seat.

I just checked the spacers and they look almost impossible to sand down just right to make a recess. I have another question though- if i sand the starbust enough wont it be unresponsive because because the string is so far away from it? Yet wont it still come back up with a bind?

I live in Chicago. One of the biggest cities in the world. My local dollar tree had 4.

Now they have 0. :wink:

Haha cool yeah I bet you are lucky to even have found those, but yeah I only bought 2, but I bet they still have like 10 left over there lol