Dollar tree….

Is the dollar tree yoyo worth it? (Once I sand the starburst)


It’s worth a dollar but still junk…

I say it’s worth it. It’s a lot of fun.

Worth the dollar, yes. Space in your case, probably not.

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Its worth the dollar but still plays like crap, think a tin YYF One without caps with small bearing but lighter

If you invest some money into it, however, it can certainly play better.

I might use that in the Throwdown for the lulz

Butif u decide to go all out on the moddings its going to be worth more than a dollar haha

not by much lawl

If you shave the starburst it works all right. Definitely worth a quick trip to the local Dollar Tree for a few minutes of fun.

For $1.00, all you can expect is that it will function like a yo-yo and move up and down. It does that, and in fact, does advanced tricks too. It does them with vibe or wobble, but it gets the job done. Because of that, it’s worth twice as much, $2.00 or more. A candy bar or a bag of chips might cost you $1.00 and once you’ve eaten them, you get no more out if it. At least the dollar tree yo-yo can last a lot longer. I bought mine months ago, and it’s still working the same as always. $1.00 well spent.

I purchased several modded them all… played them gave most away. My kid kept his…

that being said… i had a lot of fun for 5 bucks as i purchased 5 of them…

<--------- yep yep yep buy your $1 yoyos :smiley:

If you were to buy a few of them and mod one you could play it perfectly. It’s really fun.

I know this isn’t really what OP is asking but in my opinion I think things like the Dollar Tree yoyo are exercises in truly understanding and appreciating the value of money. Some people look at it and say “it’s only a dollar” whereas I look at it and say “it all adds up”.

The average person would probably look at my spending logs and think I spend way too much…and probably also think I’m insane for keeping a log of all my expenses. What they don’t see is what ISN’T logged like the $3-5.50 I saved from ordering from a free shipping yoyo site (sorry YYE, I still love you but money is money), the $X I saved from not throwing money into the wind on 1 or more DTYYs, the $2 I saved by buying sliced turkey at the deli when it went on sale on Friday, the $5 I saved eating out by spending 10 seconds to Google a coupon for 15% off at some random restaurant, etc. Each individual thing has little to no intrinsic value but I’m sure I easily save $50/wk on average this way and an extra $2500+/yr in my pocket is something I can happily live with at the cost of DTYYs and other stuff. I’ve done pretty well for someone my age and if my “work” has taught me anything, it’s the value of having a small percent the best of it in as many situations as you can without truly sacrificing anything. It all adds up, and not only when it comes to spending.

Apologies for a wacko tangent and apologies to anyone who loves their DTYY, this is merely my opinion and the way I look at spending. I have spent an obscene amount of money on yoyos and other silly things but I do try my best to save any amount any time I can, and for me, purchasing a DTYY is like flushing a dollar down the toilet.

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Of course it’s worth it it’s only a dollar. For that price just go ahead and give it a shot why not

I got one as a stocking stuffer for christmas and while it is very loud and vibey, it plays great considering it is ONE DOLLAR. Heck I know the ball bearing is crap but the fact that it even has a ball bearing amazes me…

I bought 2 just for kicks, opened one, played it for 2 minutes, thought, this is really good for a 1 dollar yoyo and haven’t touched it since. Spend $8 more dollars and buy a Magic YoYo on eBay. My Magic YoYo’s play as well, if not better than a lot of my $100 throws. T5 and T6 I think are the best.