Anybody know of any quick and easy mods to do on the dollar tree yoyo?

I’d love to enhance them and give them out to friends or have the worlds cheapest 3a pair!

Leave them on the peg and walk out of the store.

But, on a more serious note:

I think someone put a C bearing SPR in one. Add some rim weight and you might be onto something good.

What’s a c bearing SPR

I put side effects on mine and some rim weight that is hidden.
IMG_20131111_180253_247 by mullicabob, on Flickr

I thought of that but how did you manage to get the holes the perfect size?

Throw it out and buy a Speedaholic :stuck_out_tongue:


uno momento

I’m horrible with this type of stuff. With a drill? Lol

Dont mind that trying to put something else up.

Yes a drill then a little hand work.

Here’s an easy one for ya.

I glued metal weight rings in mine. You have to make sure there close to a perfect fit though.