Modded Dollar Store YoYo: How to increase weight.

Hey all,

So I just bought a dollar store Ja-Ru yoyo, the “Metal Tech SpinPro” and I wanted to see what I could do with it. So I brought it home, found it had an actual bearing, axle and weird plastic response things and the capability for an actual size C bearing so I decided to actually make it a real yoyo. I put in a flat YYF unresponsive bearing and some new Kitty String and gave it a couple throws. The surprises started to roll in. It actually became totally unresponsive, it could sleep for about 15 seconds, could grind well, and was surprisingly smooth. Though I was happy with the initial results I decided that I could push it farther. It only weighs about 20 grams so it needs some extra heft. This is where I turn to you guys. How should I make it heavier. I was thinking of melting some lead fishing weights and spreading it on the inside rim but I don’t know if that would release any toxic fumes. Any advice, modders?

Alfredo Pratico

Skip melting the lead. A couple of solutions are to find some fat o-rings that fit inside the rims like a 3/16 o-ring, or buy a role of fat plumbers solder and cut some rings to fit. I think it comes in 1/8 in. thickness. Possibly tack either one in with super glue.

i have a gold one. they have plastic side effects! too good.

I never could get the thing to fit a C bearing, for what it is after you air the Bearing out… its okay. For a $1, you can’t beat it. Flawlessly does the Boinger, Split The Atom, Mach 5, G-Flop’s, Whips, and Kamikazees.

I tried filling my cup with flowable silicone once, but that didn’t end up well. I remember that somebody did a good job adding Neo Cubes into the press-lip.

There’s a whole facebook group, Team Dollar Tree Yoyo, that do exactly this. Check them out!

My sister bought me this yo, what I ended up doing was taking some duncan mod spacers I had for the butterfly xt and using them and the KK bearing with it. Works really well and is fairly smooth and stable. I did have to cut a very small bit of the long axle that came with the mod kit to make the side effects fit but its what I’m currently throwing.

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I like the creativity and plan on giving this a whirl when I get a chance.

I wasnt sure it was going to work as well as it did at first. Make sure to use the mod spacers without the plastic response discs that come with the throw. I originally did thinking tht it wld make the spacer fit better because of the post on them, however it creates a gap between the body and them which makes the yo almost too unstable to play. The spacers actually seem to fit inside the 2 halves as good as on the butterfly though, so that was a plus.

I’m just going to use a Threaded Rod and Nuts.

I had thought about doing that before I got this yo, but didn’t have any threaded rods that small around the house or shop and I live at the far end of BFE lol.