Double Bearing Freehand.

So, to all my modders out there:

I bought a Duncan Freehand from Toys R Us because they were there (I don’t know which edition, it just says Freehand). I experimented and this is what i came up with:

  1. I took the slim spacers and cleaned bearing out of a mosquito and used them to create a dual bearing situation. So far so good; has anyone tried this?

  2. Cleaned stock bearing

  3. Removed one friction sticker

  4. Removed caps; removed rubber stoppers that hold axle and nut in place, filling the hole with flowable silicone (Idk how this is gonna work out in the long run, but so far its great).

My question is, any other ideas (other than sili recess)?

when you say double bearing do you mean beefcake and for other things

  1. paint it
  2. add some wheight(i dont know how)
  3. satin

Was it this? Its a FH2

Or this? FHZ

I would’ve know if it was a FHZ, but I found out its a FH2. lol

Add weight to a 70g yoyo huh? That’s just going too far lol

I thought the same thing but then I realized that some people play with the C-note so…

Splatter dye it with elmer’s glue!!!

i didnt know that was 70g i just said what came in my head first

ive recessed my freehand, but i havent put in any silicon yet, with that it would be cool

All you have to do to add weight but not make it too heavy is take out the rubber weight rings and recess some metal rings in it. And that is a fun mod to do.

how do you recess metal rings in it??