I have the original Duncan freehand and its a piece; any Ideas?


Ideas for what?


A piece of what?
Most people like them lots.


An original Freehand? What is wrong with it? This was so liked that after the mold broke, they came up with the FHZ mold to try to properly replace it.

Maybe new bearing, axle/screw and spacers? I don’t know what the guts of the original Freehand where.


just want a mod to get it spinning a little longer or reduce the catch


Try cleaning the bearing. Cleaning the bearing removes all the gunk and lube to create a longer spinning unresponsive bearing. Also, add a silicone recess. A silicone recess is when you add a groove near the bearing seat deep enough so it can take silicone. You could also satin it to make the yoyo grind better. That’s the most you can do.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try.


You can silicone recess it or buy some dif pads. The dif pads are way better than the stock friction pads. I would start with only one on one side at first then see if that’s responsive enough for you.

Definitely clean the bearing, there are lots of post here that tell you how to do it properly.

Also spacing it out to make your gap wider is a good upgrade. You can get the parts kit and it also has a spare bearing. It can be purchased here:

Hope this helps and good luck to you.