Summer Cleaning Leads To Modding - Duncan Freehand

Hello all, so I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found an old Duncan Freehand that I never played with because I just could not get into it. So I thought to myself why not just put a new bearing and response pads in it to make it unresponsive? I did just that. I then started to look for mods that you could do to this yoyo. I eventually found a video from Throws And Brews that inspired me.

Here is my end result:

I must add that this thing plays like a dream. It is just really fun to play and brings a smile to my face when I do. :slight_smile:



…lol his kids are cute.

Also this looks great! I may have to pick up some of these rings. I’ve never really given my poor freehand much love.

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Neither did I. I literally bought it at Toy R Us and never played with it because I was expecting an unresponsive throw. I will say fully modified this thing plays like a whole different yoyo.

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Relevant video (and one i like to watch to relax myself)


I tried a set of those Duncan rings on a Freehand Pro and it became so bad with vibe that I just tossed the thing in total disappointment.

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Interesting, I put the Duncan metal rings on my metal Raptor and it was quite smooth. Did you make sure the rings were inserted super tight? I bonked mine on a rubberized surface to make sure the rings were in super tight and flat.


I used a clamp with rubber pads to ensure they were press fit into the yoyo. I also added a little Loctite to ensure they won’t budge.