Duncan Freehand? How to make less responsive?

hey guys
well while Im waiting for my Velocity to show up on tuesday I went to Toys R Us and saw a Duncan Freehand so I bought it to mess around with. Was this a good choice for a 5a yoyo or a waste of money? I find it kinda hard to play with. I get cracked in the knuckle alot and i got practically knocked out by it one cause of the fast come back LOL. Is there a way to make it less responsive? I must say its a lot heavier then the Yomega Power brain ive been tossing around and damn u know when you get hit by this bad boy lol

In no way was this a waste of money. I had the same problem w/ mine when I frist got it. My hands were so beat up from that yo I wanted to throw it out the window. I would start by take’n one of the stickers off and break in the bearing. You’ll get used to the Yo, I did and its my #1 for 5A. Now I don’t know if you do mods or not but I would get it sili recessed. I did one side of mine and cleaned the bearing and its dead unresponsive. For $14 its a great little Yo.

In no way is this a great mod job but it works great for me…I hope this helped

Did you manage to find one of the old ones with the rubber weight rings inside? If so, send that out to get an awesome silicone recess and hold onto it. Super, super yoyo.

It’s not a waste of money and if you want to stop hurting your knuckles Because of the counterweight you should get the ■■■■■■■■■■.com ultra weight