2010 Duncan Freehand Mods - neYopolitan, Feeling Blue

First, I will post pics as soon as I can.

Second, This Mod makes this yo-yo unresponsive and it will require a bind for the yo-yo to return to your hand.

And Third, Onto the Mod:

The nice thing about the 2010 Duncan Freehand is that the silicone sticker is recessed as opposed to the 2009 version which is pretty much a flush sicker response. So because of this advantage you start out with a lot less responsive throw right out of the box, The first thing I did was remove One Response Sticker and make sure to clean up all of the left over sticky stuff (if any), then I removed the spacers and the bearing from the yo-yo, Now I cleaned the bearing in Ronsonol Naphtha Lighter Fluid (First de-shield (SAVE THE SHIELDS YOU WILL NEED THEM) the bearing to prep it for cleaning) and applied a pin tip of YYJ Thin Viscosity Lube, and the I placed one bearing shield in the spacer recess on each half of the yo-yo and then replaced the spacers on top of them (Note that this increases the gap by a small amount to give the yo-yo an unresponsive play type), now reassemble the yo-yo and your set for a much better bang for your buck. Then i acquired some large metal washers from my local hardware store and affixed them in there with zap goo (whichs seems to work as an adhesive on anything lol), then i found a local D & D / Hobby shop and purchased a vegas style casino die and hit it with a drill press and made it into a counter weight :slight_smile:
[Note: you may also use YYJ grey Thin Shims underneath the spacers instead of the bearing shields, this will almost make it, in a sense, adjustable due to the ability to flatten or crush the thin shims when you “crank” the yo-yo, Red shims give it too much gap and causes the string to recede into the small gap between the bearing and its seat ( in the case the spacer))

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

All you have to do istale one sticker out, mine is compltetely dead like that, and the bearing came pretty much dry

I don’t know who invented the bearing shield to widen gap solution, but it’s a great method.

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I wrote a topic on this a long time ago in regards to a star light mod, I started doing this and people in my Yoyo club loved the idea and all started doing it as well :slight_smile: made me feel kinda proud lol

I got bored and decided to dye it, i call it neYOpolitan, also the black tape on the weight rings has been removed (this has been replaced by Zap Goo, with holds the wight ring in without any assistance)
Also, I make and trade (also with modded freehand’s - PM me) Tethered Die (as Duncan has the trademark on CW, either rounded edge 6 sided, or Vegas Bally’s Casino Spec Die.

Man, that thing looks like beast, that’s legit!

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New SPIN vid

That’s awesome, love the metal weight rings. How much does the rings affect play anyway? Weight, stability? And to find an exact fit? I think I may have to pick up another FH2010 and try this out. After all, I have been wanting the Translucent Blue one. Perhaps I can find one with a solid color character CW, they had some at the BAC.

Random note, off topic, about the solid character CW’s, Brandon of Duncan told me a little story behind why the squirrel head was solid blue etc. We all know soon they will be using the die. So to finish off the stock of character heads, they’ve decided to make them solid color matching the color of the yoyo itself. I thought this was a cool idea, I think it’s time I hit up a Toys R Us, or check my local sporting goods store to see if they have any like that.

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new modded Freehand. I also will dye them for a price, or trade. and will attempt to get a tethered die to match. I dont have it on my BST yet but I just made a Trans blue 2010 Freehand with my weight ring mod and flowale silli in one half and the stock silli sticker on the other with a widened gap and a nice blue tethered die to match, ill have a vid on my BST and hopefully pics soon. But if u want offer up!

New pics of flowable silli

I like what you did on this.
Would you like to try a FHZipp bearing in it?
I have them with a sleight offset wing cut for one pad use.

I would absolutely like to try another type of bearing. that is the only thing this mod is lacking. I thought about a Size A KK or CT, but yours sounds amazing!

Hey guys the moment I get the terrapin bearing for this mod ill write my first review! :smiley: yay a contributing member of the throw community, i love you guys!


Feeling Blue- Modded 2010 Translucent Blue w/ Weight Rings: Same mod as up top but i made flat jump rings out of steel washers and crushed the gap kinda like a spring til the gap is wide enough yet narrow enough not to catch in the bearing/spacer seat.

I put this one up it my BST and i already got an offer for this and to construct another. :slight_smile: makes me feel good. Just wait guys, i got myself Alibre, Rhino3d and some ubuntu CAD progs, my bosses uncle has a cnc machine, and Our sister store to Galaxy Science and Hobby is Elemental Scientific, which has every chem i need to start anodizing (which thankfully i wont go into this blind as my boss will be my teacher, he has the CAD progs too :slight_smile: ) So I hope to get something up and running, and im working on some different stuff with the plastic lathe for the freehands, and possibly modded throw monkeys and mosquitos if requested :slight_smile:

And Thanks again to fjh123 for the bearing that you’re supplying me :slight_smile:

Beautiful mods, dude! I got a few questions, though.

  1. Can you buy this zap goo (this magical substance that fastens metal to plastic) at a Home Depot?

  2. How permanent is it?

I made my YYJ Journey unresponsive with silicone and a mineral spirits on the bearing, but I’d like to add some weight to it. I’m thinking your metal washers thing is the way to go. I’m asking about zap goo being permanent in case I don’t get the washers on “straight” and need to re-do them. I don’t think it should be too bad since the inside of each rim is like a bell, and the washer would just fall into the rim until it got too narrow and can’t go anymore. Just got to make sure the washer touches the yoyo all around its circumference, I guess.

Thanks for the nice post and pics!

(PS: I’m kinda new here. Hey!)

The ZapGoo is pretty darn permanent and bonds damn near anything to anything, though you have some leway time, as you first apply it, let it sit for a minute or so, then add your piece, then you should have a few seconds to get it straight, but seriously, don’t use much of this stuff, and when your’e applying it, very lightly, and it is stringy as hell.

Im not sure where you can get it. I work in a Hobby shop that sells it.