How can I make a yoyo heavier?

Well I want to learn how to mod yoyos so I bought a duncan metal drifter. Well out of the package the yoyo is to responsive for my taste so I decided to take one response system out and it became less responsive of course. But the yoyo is still to light for me. Is there anyway to mod the yoyo to make it better or just make it heavier? ???

Orings in the sides

That’s the only way unless you have a lathe.

this way makes the yoyo look messed up but there are two more things you can do either duct tape a quarter to each side or buy lead tape and make it go around the rim.

Yes, as found in most dif-e-yo yoyos. Go to the hardware store and look for some 3/16 thick o-rings. They come in sizes to fit most yoyos. The lip on the metal drifter should hold them ok. Otherwise a drop of super glue is called for.

Also, #10 solid core solder works nicely. It’s easy to cut and form to fit. In this case super glue is your friend.