Duncan Metal Drifter modding??

Anyone know how to make a Duncan Metal Driffter heavier?? Like adding more rim weight to it???

I’m thinking of buying one because they look so cool BUT I don’t like how light it is.


It was lighter than what I was used to as well…but it really grew on me. I don’t know how to mod it but I bet it wouldn’t be that hard. Either I do like it the way it is. :slight_smile:

You can have someone like me (modder) to add aluminum weight rings to it or you can buy rubber o-rings and pop them into the sides of the yoyo.

Wow! So do they have to be glued in, or will this o ring stay in place? Also around how many grms more would be added doing this you think. The spec says it is 61. something grams stock. Lastly, can said O rings be applied to other yoyos like the Duncan Raptor for example, seeing as I hate those caps.

Thanks dude!!!

hi, what kind of sleep times are you getting from it and what else can you compare it to that you may have in your collection?


I haven’t seen one of those, but if there is a slight lip in the rim, they should just stay in place. If not a slight tack glue w/super glue 5-6 places around the rim should work.

Depending on the size of the o-rings used, you will add anywhere from 5-8 grams. That is the range Difeyo quotes for various models that use a 3/16 thick o-ring. The range comes from the fact that different models take an o-ring of different size.

I don’t know about making it heavier, but putting a clean bearing in my MD almost doubled its sleep time.

how much sleep time on a cleaned bearing then would you say?? Most of my yoyos are 65 grams to 71. So I’m used to gauging those weights. I simply have NO idea about the driffter.

With a stock bearing, the Drifter gets better sleep times than my FHZ, which is around 65 g. With a clean bearing, it gets around the same sleep time as my Black Knight, which is 71 g.

Until I got my Raptor, my MD was my favorite throw.

Oh. here is everything I did to my MD:

1: Put in a clean bearing.
2: Instead of the silver spacers that come with it, put in the wide brass spacers that come in a FHZ, for a wider gap.
3: Take out one of the sili stickers. With both stickers in the yoyo, most of my binds turned into knots.

With no tricks, it sleeps over a minute and a half and come up when binded.

update: I just put a bearing shield behind each brass spacer, allowing the gap size to be the full bearing width.

how awesome… thx for the info, I may get one this weekend as I think it’s one of the coolest looking throws out there. I have a center trac A bearing so I might use that.

I’ve heard good things about the black knight. have u done a review on it? It’s been a LONG while since I bought yyj.

Well, I got the Driffter a few days ago and did all the suggested mods and it performs better than I expected. I like the look of this yo very much so it was worth it. Thanks everyone for the advice!

I blasted mine

You could buy little thick o-rings and put them on the small little side hubs.

You mean… Glass Bead Blasting??? If so how’d it come out??? And how much did it cost you?

Thx dude!

The black night seems a bit outdated to me kind of like a speeder or a sigma blade. I haven’t tried one so may be better than I thought. If I was you and I was planning on getting one I probably would get one of the new bimetals, or wait as I heard that there is going to be some cool new releases.

Black Night is fine. It spins long enough, great, kinda smooth, doesn’t vibe much. YYJ is not behind if you ask me. Just sayin hehe. I actually enjoy mine just as much as the DM2.

I love yoyojam, but that is just the feeling it gives me. It is one of yoyojam older models in production and I think some of the newer yoyos from them would have better features, solid spin axle, better bearing, etc. And yes I know you can replace the bearing.

I actually like my Metal Drifter better. I really tried to like the Black Knight, but I just couldn’t. But for about the same price, the Duncan Raptor is WAY better.

I haven’t tried one yet, but I really want to play with a DM2. I know that, when they have a color I like in stock, I amj getting an SR71.