How can I mod...

My yoyo’s totally suck now. I am getting better and starting to learn new tricks that are advanced and require tons of movements to learn. My Speedmaker, is light, Is there anyway I can make it heavier without putting the caps ? Cause I hate having caps. My Die-Nasty is slightly broken, & the spin times suck, and it cant even handle the first part of pacman. How can I mod my Die-Nasty ? To make the spin times better ?

Dont say getting new bearings, Lube, or clean it. Thanks.

Throw straighter.

Thats not the issue. Its the spin times. & Weight.

Stop doing this?

Speedmaker issue you can put well sized rubber o-rings in the IRG alike Dif-e-yo does to their yoyos. It should add a nice weight to the rims. Whats wrong with your Die-Nasty? All I can think of is throw straighter until you give more information.

Well, whatever holds the axle into place, broke off and is loose inside of my yoyo. I wish I can get it out cause it gives a vibe and the sound is very annoying when it shakes. And it also made my spin times suck. It also does not play as well as before ever since that happened. Heres an easier way to put it, ever since the piece broke off and is loose inside my yoyo, the whole yoyo sucks and doesnt play the same.

I know what you mean. Im not sure how to fix that, though, but I’m interested in the next posts in this thread if anyone has a solution I can document. :slight_smile:

You could have saved everyone a lot of grief if you had said this up front. As your original question was a vague “how do I make it spin longer” type question, Mi’s comment to throw straighter was completely valid.

Erm…for the speedmaker, O-Rings, or hook it onto a drill, take some hot glue, spin drill, hot glue, and then use a Popsicle stick or something to smoothen it out. I just thought of that. Or you can glue an O-Ring onto the caps, and then cut the caps out so it’s only a doughnut, if you don’t like the solidness of caps.
And contact whoever you bought it from about the axle of your Die-Nasty

uh shave the o ring?? or follow this guide
it says bolt yoyo but you can shave the o rings or silicone or sand the yoyo(dont sand the yoyo if
you dont have any experience doing it)

that thing helped me alot thank you ;D